Rally is a dog sport based on obedience. The emphasis is on fun and excitement for dog and handler. In Rally you and your dog work your way around a course with sign-posted stations which tell you to perform different manoeuvers. In Rally, as well as giving commands and signals to your dog to perform the tasks at each station, you are encouraged to talk, praise and encourage your dog throughout the course. Any dog can undertake Rally, though as a prerequisite they need to have passed Intermediate, or can demonstrate heelwork, turns and recall. 

Rally courses are built from a set list of stations and can be 10 to 24 stations in length. 

Dogs are trained in accordance with the ANKC Rally Trials Rule Book.

Competitive Rally

Rally trials are held frequently in NSW and ACT. Queanbeyan and District Dog Training Club hosts a trial each year in July, information can be found on the Trial Notice page . Rally is an ANKC sanctioned dog sport and competitors and their dogs must be registered with the ANKC before can compete in a trial.

There are four levels of competition Rally Obedience - Novice, Advanced, Excellent and Masters.  Novice is performed on lead and all other classes are performed off lead.  Each level requires the team to achieve a number of qualifying scores before gaining a title at that level.