The club started 30th June 1992 in conjunction with the Queanbeyan Kennel Club, the Queanbeyan City Council and the Queanbeyan branch of the RSPCA. Mr Paul Oats called a meeting of which he proposed the starting of a club dedicated to teach obedience and other dog activities. With 25 people in attendance it was unanimously voted to form the club.

Club Presidents and key eventsNewsletter

Mr Paul Oats (30th June 1992 to 24th August 1994)

  • Established the training syllabus
  • Affiliated the Club officially as the "Queanbeyan and District Dog Training Club (Q&DDTC)" with the NSW Canine Council
  • Commenced looking for a home ground for the Club

Mr Alec Hempstead (24th August 1994 to 27th July 1998)

  • Formalised the committee
  • Agreement to investigate Hoover Road rubbish tip as a potential home
  • Estabilished a committee that comprised of Jenny Dewson, Andrianna Van Kleeff, Shay Manners, Paula Beeton, Cary Van Kleeff and Gary Harwood, to negotiate the license to rent the Hoover Road rubbish tip ground with the concil solictor and mayor
  • License was received 27 July 1998
  • First draft of Clubs constitution was realised and accepted
  • Obedience trials commence 

Mr Ritchie Butler (27th July 1998 to 26th August 2005)

  • Improvement to the grounds were approved by Parks and Gardens and carried out
    • Clearing selected area of all surface rubbish
    • Grading the area
    • Covering with topsoil and seed
    • Fencing and gates installed
    • Automated watering system

Mr Alec Hampstead (26th August 2005 to 27th August 2006)

Mr Terry Griffin (27th August 2006 to 26th August 2010)Toilets

  • Watering system and manual on how to set the controller
  • Containers installed for office and equipment
  • Clearing of other training areas behind containers
  • Toilets installed

Marianne Wyatt (26th August 2010 to 28th August 2014)

  • Creation of Assistant Secretary/Enrolments position (2013)

Kathy Griffiths (28th August 2014 to 27th August 2015)

Janelle Naughton (27th August 2015 to 25th August 2016)

  • Introduction of the Rally O trial
  • Upgrade to watering system

Kathy Griffiths (25th August 2016 to 31st August 2017)

Adam Toretto (31st August 2017 to 30th August 2018)

Karen Jenkins (30th August 2018 to current)

  • New design to club logoDeck
  • Deck for container
  • Introduction of Myob for invoicing and accounts