In order to participate in our Club's obedience classes, you need to become a member by undertaking the following:

  • Complete the New Member Application form (link only available when enrolments are open), submission does not guarantee spot until payment is received.
  • Pay one-off joining fee, annual membership fee and annual training fee.  You will be sent an invoice for payment.  Please refer to Membership & Fees page for more information.
  • Send vaccination certificate that declares either C3 and Kennel Cough or C5 vaccination (accept titre test result for older dogs)

All new members start in Beginners unless you have trained at another club and can provide documentation on the training level obtained.

We accept dogs from 3 months of age into our Beginners class, all dogs must be up to date with all vaccinations before they attend the grounds.  IF your dog is 3 months of age (or younger) and yet to receive full course of puppy vaccinations, you will need to provide vaccination certificate that advises current vaccination status.  If you have any concerns about attending training before your puppy has received all vaccinations, please seek advise from your vet.

Any person aged 12 years or over is eligible to train a dog at the Club. However, should the handler be under 16 years of age there is a provision that they must be accompanied by an adult during all training sessions on the Club’s grounds.

The above procedure ensures that you will be included in a training class for the next intake. Please remember that no guarantee can be given that you will be able to join a training class if you simply turn up on the first day of training (with this information and all appropriate attachments in hand), and ask to enter a class. The reason for this reservation is that the Club only has a limited amount of volunteer instructors to call upon to teach these classes and it is not fair to the other handlers to have excessive numbers of dogs (ie. over our recommended 10:1 ratio) in their class.

Obedience Classes

When you start training, your first class is referred to as Beginners class. This class is segregated based on the dogs’ age (ie. older or younger than 6 months). This segregation enables younger dogs to be gradually socialised with other dogs nearer their own age before progressing onto the higher levels of training. Successive training courses are referred to as Intermediate, Advanced and Novice classes.

Prospective participants are advised to enrol into class as soon as possible, as our Beginner level class tend to book out several weeks in advance of the start date, and we don't have a waiting list.

For more information about our obedience classes, including what the syllabus covers, please visit the Obedience page.

For information about the upcoming session dates, please visit the Training Times/Term Dates page.

Membership Fees

The amount that you are required to pay to join the Club will depend on the time of year that you are joining and the number of dogs that you are enrolling. Please visit the Membership & Fees page for more information.

More information

Please read through Frequently Asked Questions if you are still unsure or require any further information, you can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..