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What happens after I have submitted my application form?

You will receive an automated email advising that your application has been submitted and that you will receive a confirmation email, that will be sent to the address you entered on the form.

You will be contacted by the Enrolments Officer about payment of fees and class details.  Please be patient as it may take a few days to receive your invoice as we are volunteers and do this work after hour or on weekends (when we are not training).

How do I know if I am successfully enrolled?

If you have received an invoice, pay the invoice and supplied your current vaccination papers, you ARE enrolled for the financial year.

How much does it cost to become a member?

The fee structure can be found on the Membership & Fees page.

When is training held?

Sunday mornings during the NSW school terms.  Term 1 & 4 between 8.30am to 10.30am and Term 2 & 3 between 9.00am to 11.00am. See Training Times/Term Dates for more information.

Where are we located?

The training grounds are located at the end of Hoover Road, which is off Lanyon Drive, Queanbeyan.

What is the duration of training?

All training classes conducted are for 45 minutes to 1 hour, once a week over an eight (8) week period.  On the completion of each training level an Assessment is undertaken to determine whether to progress to the next training level.

How are classes conducted?

Each training level is based on an eight (8) week training syllabus and is supervised by a qualified Club Instructor.  Wherever possible, a class will consist of up to ten (10) dogs and handlers.

What is my first class called?

When you have successfully enrolled in training, your first class is referred to as Beginners. This class is segregated on dogs' age (i.e. older or younger than 6 months).  This segregation enables younger dogs to be gradually socialised with other dogs nearer their own age before progressing into higher levels of training.  Successive training levels are Intermediate, Advanced and Community Companion (CCD)/Novice (CD).

All new members start in Beginners unless you have trained at another club and can provide documentation on the training level passed.

Who trains my dog?

You do!  Your class instructor's primary role is to teach you (the handler) how to train your dog.  It is suggested that what you have learned in class each week is practiced at home and also different locations.  The classes also teach you how to socialise your dog with a variety of other breeds of dogs.

What happens on my first day?

All new members are given a brief introduction lecture about the Club, its aims, rules, objectives, teaching methods and obedience demonstration.  The lecture runs for approximately 45 minutes.  It is requested that you do not bring your dog along with you to the Introductory Lecture.

Is there an age requirement for handlers?

Yes! A handler should be over the age of 16 years, however any person aged 12 years or over is eligible to train a dog at the Club on the provision they be accompanied by an adult during all training sessions.

Is there an age requirement for puppies?

Yes!  Puppies need to be 12 weeks of age to attend training.

What level of vaccination is required?

All dogs must be immunised with either C3 and Kennel Cough or C5 vaccination, a current vaccination certificate must be provided.

Do we accept titre testing?

Yes!  Titre testing is acceptable in place of C3 vaccination in older dogs (from 4-5 years old) for core diseases (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus).  You will need to provide evidence from your veterianrian showing a positive result.  This does not cover Kennel Cough that must be done yearly.

Are there any other health conditions?

Yes!  Bitches in season are not permitted on the grounds at any time.  However, their handlers are always encouraged to come along (without dog) to class lessons to learn what they can parctise at home during this period of confinement.

If for any reason you (or dog) is unwell to attend training classes it is advised that you do not attend training.

How often is training offered in a year?

Training is held four (4) times in a year in conjuction with the NSW School Calendar year.  Where possible we try not to hold training during School holidays.

How do I progress to the next level of training?

At the end of each training term, on the last day of training is an Assessment Day

How do I enrol for next term?

You don't! you only enrol at the club once and your membership and training fees are paid for the whole current financial year.  At the end of your first financial year (1 July to 30 June),  you will receive a renewal invoice. If you want to continue training, please pay the invoice and that is your membership and training fees for the whole financial year again.

When are Membership Renewals due?

Membership and Training fees are due for renewal on the 1st July each year.  The Joining fee is a one-off payment for new members. 

I have more than one dog, can I train them all at the Club?

You can definitely train more than one dog at the Club.  You will need to pay an additional training fee for the second and subsequent dog/s.  You would also need to look at what classes you wish to train your dogs in to ensure they don’t clash, ie different classes scheduled at the same time.  However if you have multiple handlers this may not be a problem.

I am a current member and wish to enrol another dog, what do I do?

If you are current financial member and wish to enrol another dog for the next intake of Beginners you don't need to wait to complete the New Member form (as this is for new members to the club) just complete the Additional Dog form.  

Do you offer one-on-one training?

As a general rule we don’t offer one-on-one training, as we don’t have sufficient instructors to allow us to do this.  However, if someone is having issues we can sometimes provide additional help if required on a on-off basis depending on the availability of instructors.

My dog is reactive to other dogs, will he/she be allowed to attend training?

We do not discourage reactive dogs.  Often this is just a case of the dog being out of its comfort zone, and needing a little more assistance to settle into classes.  Depending on the level of reactivity, we may suggest some additional training with a specialist dog behaviourists, but that decision would be made on a case by case basis.

What is ANKC?

The Australian National Kennel Control (ANKC) is the governing body which oversights all general improvement of the recreation, sport, standard, breeding, exhibition and training of dogs in Australia.  In order to do this it operates through individual State Member Authorities.  The Member Authority we work through is DogsNSW, and given our location we also take into account issues relating to DogsACT. 

What's the difference between Single and Family Membership?

Single membership is designed for one person only.  Family membership relates to where there is more than one person involved in training the dog.  We differentiate between these two as we may need to instruct more than one person in training the dog. 

Do we sell training equipment?

Yes! The Club stocks a small range of various dog training equipment and material. This includes leads, collars, halti, gentle leaders, harnesses, doggy treats and titbits. Either your Instructor or our Shop Manager will assist you in correctly fitting collars.