The following is a list of the current club rules applying to members training their dog(s) on the grounds:

  • Members must not attend the club grounds if they are unwell, or have been in close contact with an active case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days, ALL members must read and adhere to the COVID-19 Safety Plan;
  • Dogs are to be immunised up to C5 level which covers diseases such as hepatitis, distemper, parvovirus and kennel cough. Titre testing is acceptable in place of C3 vaccination in older dogs (4 years +) by providing evidence from veterarian showing a positive response;
  • No dog is to be bought onto club grounds if it has with in the past three (3) months suffered or been exposed to any infectious or contagious disease;
  • Bitches in oestrum (in season) are not permitted on the grounds;
  • Dogs must be kept on lead at ALL times except when undergoing 'off lead' exercised in a class environment AND under instruction from a club instructor;
  • In the event of a altercation between dogs occuring anywhere on the club grounds, all handlers are to immediately take effective control of their own dog and place them on lead, until the fracas is over.  Every handler is responsible for their own dog in these circumstances;
  • Handlers must remove their dogs' poo from any area within the club's grounds and place it in the bins provided around the grounds;
  • No adverse or harsh training methods are to be used at the club.  Under no circumstances is any form of physical punishment to be given to any dog whilst on the club grounds;
  • Instructors are authorised to ask members in their class to temporarily remove their dog from the class environment if it, or the handler, is being disruptive;
  • Dogs may be tethered only for a short period of time whilst on club grounds .  Head collars must not be left on dogs tethered to the grounds;
  • Children are at all times, the full responsibility of their paren or guardian.  At NO time are they, or any other member or guest, to approach a dog on the club's grounds without the express permission of the dog's handler;
  • The member accepts that the club cannot be held responsible or liable for any accident or injur sustained by any person or dog through any cause whatsoever whilst they are on the club's grounds;
  • No child under the age of 12 years is permitted to train a dog on the club grounds.  A child 12 to 16 years must be accompanied by their parent or an adult guardian during training sessions;
  • If a club member wishes to raise a formal matter, that requires specific attention of Club Executive or consideration of the Committee, contact should be lodged using the formal communication channels (such as email or by letter to postal address).  Such matters should not be communicated using social media channels.

IMPORTANT: Every handler is personally responsible (and legally liable) for their own dogs actions whiles on the club grounds.  QDDTC accepts NO responsibillity or liability for any accident or injury sustained by any person or dog through any cause whatsoever whilst they are on the club grounds.

COVID-19 Safety Policy

In accordance with Government guidelines regarding safety and hygiene practices, and information from Dogs NSW for affiliates returning to training in a COVID-19 environment, our club has updated the COVID-19 Safety Plan (PDF, 411KB). Please read and understand this document. Stay informed. Stay safe.

Safety Policy

The club's Safety Policy (PDF, 76KB) outlines the safety guidlines while attending the grounds.

Social Medial Policy

Online interaction between club members in regards to club business is governed by the club's Social Media Policy (PDF, 205KB).