We went to St Ives on Monday 10 June and we danced.

Shadow did Heelwork to Music at Novice level to the song "Any Dream Will Do" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat

He won the class twice - giving him 3 Passes and his Novice title with 2 x 1st Place and 1 x 3rd Place

Mara and Shadow

A panel of 3 Judges assesses and scores each routine independently and the marks are totalled across all 3.
So the winner needed to have been good enough and impressive enough to get top marks from 3 different Judges

Shadow  -  Cybord Shadow  ET  RN  HTM.S  HTM.N

I always knew that if I could stop Jingles from exiting the ring at speed during his "Jingle Bell Rocks" routine, he would Pass.  And he did!  Once on that day he worked with me for his first qualification at Dances With Dogs Freestyle Starters level.  This picture was taken at lunch time rehearsal so neither of us is fully outfitted in costumes!

Mara and Jingles