Epic Advance Dog Sports Extravaganza 2018

Dogs ACT will be holding the Epic Advance Dog Sports Extravaganza from Thursday 5 July until Sunday 8 July from 9am - 7pm.

Canberra in July is mid-winter however the events are held indoors in large heated pavillions on carpet with many amenities within walking distance of ringside.  There will be 7 all breed judges of whom 5 haven't been before and 2 who are returning from not having been for a decade.

There will be the first Terrier Group National Show in Australia on Thursday 5 July which will bring in 3 international terrier specialists.

Also, on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, there will be the only indoor flyball competition, agility competitions, Up Dog competitions & indoor Scent work games as well as Agility and other events in the Main Arena.

Amenities on hand will be a canteen for hot/cold food & drinks, ATM machine; dog products traders, heart clinic, DNA testing, parking outside venues, free wifi with other services within a 5 minute drive from venues.

General public welcome during competitions but open day will be Saturday 7 July. Childrens competitions held before the events and during Saturday.

More details on FaceBook: Dogs ACT – Canberra; Epic Advance Dog Sports Extravaganza 2018 and on Dogs ACT website at www.dogsact.org.au/July 2018/Exhibitor Information.  For the schedule of events visit www.dogsact.org.au/event/epic-advance-dog-sports-extravaganza-2018/.